Arran Distillery’s Burns

The Isle of Arran distillery produces some of my favourite spirit. As the island’s only distillery it is a very unique enterprise that is most intriguing for the whisky tourist but also releases some very tasty whisky. Here is the Robert Burns expression of the Arran malt that commemorates the life and work of Scotland’s poet.

A very light and delicate looking whisky, it doesn’t have the same depth of colour as the 10 year old, so the age of this whisky could well be a wee bit younger. It is a barley straw colour gold which allows the light to sparkle through the spirit. The bottle (miniature 5cl) is pleasantly presented with good artwork and displays a portrait of Burns in a striking background on the label.

The nose is slightly citrusy with a little prickle, the 43% abv could well play into the spirity aroma though this is by no means a cask strength whisky. Hints of grapefruit with a whiff of gorse wine mingle into the aromas.

On the palate this whisky is ever so slightly sharp but is matched with a creaminess similar to a vanilla custard. Apricot and a little pepper roll into the mix with a tip of the hat to Arran’s coastal flavours. The flavour profile is a little underwhelming but its delicate floral notes are pleasant; hints of cereal and lemon tart linger.

The finish is short, warming and not too obtrusive. Is it as iconic and ageless as Robert Burns? I don’t think so, but it would definitely appeal to the tourist who wants to purchase a decent dram with some good Scottish branding.

Not my favourite Arran release but it compliments the existing lineup of Arran malts. Would be a good gift or a nice malt to have for less enthusiastic malt drinkers.


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