Glen Moray: Peated

In the past I have reviewed the standard release Glen Moray which was a lovely classic speyside malt with delicate but well balanced flavours. Upon seeing the peated version, and with the increase in popularity of peated speyside whisky, it was necessary to try Glen Moray’s offering into the peated malt world.

The colour is light and straw like, very similar to the standard expression. Maybe subtle tones of elderflower cordial glint in the glass?

The nose is smoky with that peat making itself known straightaway. A slight prickle even with just a waft of this spirit. There are some citrus aromas mixed in there too, with tart grapes and apple sauce.

On the palate this whisky flaunts its peat with a heavy but not harsh influence of smoky flavours and some black pepper. Lemongrass and rhubarb custard boiled sweets are in the background with floral notes carrying the harmony of flavours on the tongue.

The finish is fairly short but warming and leaves the mouth with a residual smoke and citrus combination. For a Speyside whisky this really surprises with just how influenced by peat this expression is. It could easily be compared to a lighter Islay whisky.

If you like Glen Moray and the peated nature typically found in Islay whiskies, this one is for you!


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