Bowmore Darkest

Bowmore is an iconic Islay distillery producing wonderful malts and boasts Scotland’s oldest maturation warehouses still in use. Out of the many lovely expressions I have tried this happens to be a personal favourite. Bowmore Darkest 15 year old is a dark, fruity spirit.

The colour loves up to its name with a dark Amber hue. Shades of a dark maple syrup or a light sherry give this a wonderful colour straight into the glass. It would be a shame to have to add any water to this spirit.

On the nose there are bold vibrant aromas treacle, mulling spices and salted caramel. There are hints of dark chocolate and banoffee whiff in the background.

Moving onto the palate this whisky is an explosion of dark fruit flavours and spice. Peppery smoke, smooth salted caramel, mulled citrus, a hint of peat and lots of rich sherry tannins.

The finish is long and warming leaving notes of pepper and fruity dry flavours.

A truly notable whisky that will hold a favourite spot in my collection in the near future. Seldom do whiskies that look this good live up to their looks; this spirit hits the nail on the head. This whisky would suit the coming winter season very nicely. Well done Bowmore.


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