Highland Park: Dragon Legend

Highland Park distillery create so many lovely expressions of their award winning Orcadian spirit. This time we’re reviewing the Highland Park Dragon Legend which was initially released as a way to capture the distillery’s Viking routes and dragon mythology.

The bottling is actually one of my favourites and it has been branded very well in a black glass bottle which alludes to smoke, charred wood and a wake of dragon fire (dragons existed right?).

The colour of the spirit is a lovely almost greyed amber and is a little oily in the glass.

On the nose there is a clean smokiness; the peat is very much present but doesn’t overpower or smell like antiseptic. Aromas of lemon drizzle cake, a slight creaminess of scorched vanilla beans.

Spices and more smoke burst onto the palate with the first sip. The peatiness is not overpowering but is matched up nicely with a vanilla and star anise flavour. The spirit coats the mouth well and is somewhere in the middle in terms of body, a slight oiliness but still a light spirit. Suggestions of honey and that lemon drizzle cake linger in the mouth as it’s sipped back.

The finish is long and warming, a slight sharpness when first swallowed but that dissipates into a spicy smooth warmness.

Altogether a well orchestrated dram. The peat is by no means subtle but conveys a smoky message to the drinker. I do get a wee feeling of being a Viking when drinking this! At around £40 this spirit is pleasant for the price; that being said you can see it on occasion in supermarkets for around the £35 mark in which case I would say ‘go for it’! Highly enjoyable, another smooth dram from Highland Park!


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