Highland Park: Viking Honour

The Highland Park distillery in Orkney is one of the most well established distilleries of recent years, though it finds its history as early as 1798 when it was founded by David Robertson. In the last 6 years the distillery has produced some lovely expressions of their spirit following a period of low sales due to stocking issues. For many people Highland Park is a scotch drinkers staple and a must have for any whisky cabinet.

Highland Park Viking Honour is a newer release of the classic 12 year old expression. In a reimagined bottling, but in keeping with the original 12 year, it is a lovely entry level whisky into the Orkney distillery flavours.

The spirit is a light straw colour with a golden syrup hue. Light and delicate with a subtle oiliness in the glass, this whisky behaves well and looks like a delicious dram.

On the nose there is a deep malty honey aroma with floral notes and a subtle smokiness; like standing on moorland and getting the Heather, Gorse and peat smells.

Honeyed malt with citrusy notes spark off on the palate with smoky suggestions lingering on the tongue. There is a slight pepperiness mixed with a suggestion of dark chocolate moving into the finish.

The finish is smooth and of medium length, no sharpness just pleasant citrus and light peat smoke lingering for a savoury flavour left on the palate.

A good wee entry into the Highland Park range. Admittedly, this wouldn’t be one of my favourite malts but it is very pleasant and fairly complex for a 12 year. Any Highland Park would be a must try so at around £25 from some supermarkets this expression is highly recommended.


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