The Bartender’s Malt: 1st edition.

The Auchentoshan distillery have created a genius concept of not just an expression of whisky, but also a way to create something truly original. In The Bartender’s Malt, bartenders from around the world, experts in their field, have come together to create a special limited edition single malt; a creation worthy of not only being a stand alone sipping whisky, but also a whisky to be enjoyed in every cocktail that even suggests a whisky inclusion.

The Bartender’s Malt is a unique expression that is capable of living up to the Auchentoshan name but also introduces an interesting new characteristic to the Auchentoshan range. This malt can be found around the £35 mark online and in some select stores though this particular edition, being the first, may not be available for a huge amount into 2018 so grab it when you can.

A straw copper colour that is appealing and similar to many of the expressions in the Auchentoshan range; nothing out of the ordinary here yet.

The nose is creamy with a delicate grassy hint. Egg custards with an extra dusting of nutmeg make up the creamy but spicy edge in the aromas.

The palate is complex with the creaminess opening up different flavours, green tobacco leaf, pear drops and a heavily candied citrus note, a background subtlety of baked banana. There’s a suggestion of vanilla and significant spiciness that lingers on the palate, use of bourbon casks and possibly some rum casks mixed in there?

The finish is long and smooth with a mouth warming creaminess, this is about as advocaat you can get in whisky.

A truly lovely malt that retains some lowland character but seems to be a really eclectic mix of malts that make up a complex and slightly crazy single malt. Not to be scoffed at this is an Auchentoshan I can highly recommend.


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