Glenfiddich 14 Rich Oak

The 14 year old expression named “Rich Oak” from the Glenfiddich distillery is today’s tasty tipple to review. The Glenfiddich distillery really needs no introduction, a classic and exceedingly famous Speyside single malt whisky producer that is capable of producing expressions that most whisky drinkers would find pleasant and intriguing. They are also a distillery that are no strangers to experimentation.

The 14 year old whisky is matured in both American and Spanish Oak casks to produce a well rounded, complex woody spirit.

The colouration of the spirit is subtle and only slightly amber, more of a toasted straw colour. The spirit is light and not very oily, it’s bottled at a standard 40% abv.

On the nose there are lots of layers of woody tannin aromas with mingling scents of fruit and spices. Nice biscuits and nutmeg float around the smell profile.

The palate is lavished with woody flavours in the sipping with caramel wafers, sour cherries, vanilla and a dash of grapefruit. Not the most oaky whisky out there but it certainly lives up to its name!

The finish is medium length with lasting flavours conjuring up ideas of port stained cheeseboard and trail mix, it’s not a hugely smooth whisky but has a pleasant prickliness on the way down.

Weighing in at a price of around the £38 mark it is a fairly priced whisky though probably only really appreciated if you like especially woody malts with a fruity profile on the side.


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