Malt Master’s Singleton of Dufftown

In a previous review of the 12 year Singleton of Dufftown I said that it was a whisky that ticked all the boxes in terms of smoothness and complexity and yet it is hugely underrated in my opinion. A new release to the Singleton of Dufftown range is this Malt Master’s Selection edition from the Dufftown distillery.

With a promising distillery write up stating that it is a smooth and complex yet delicate malt, this is building up to be a lovely dram.

Running into it at a local supermarket was quite a surprise and for the price of £36, similar to that of the 12 year, it was worth a try – surely?

Poured into a tasting glass there is a straightforward aroma of honeyed maltiness. The colour is a very light amber, a kind of jaffa hue to it.

On the nose there are the bold aromas of honey, candied peel, pear drops and vanilla. A subtle scent of chocolate digestives in the background and a speckling of vanilla extract.

Citrus but with an enveloping of chocolate and honey caramel settle on the palate. Notes of vanilla, oak and some red berries linger with a spiciness somewhat peppery.

The finish is warming and neither short nor long, the spirit has good legs but it is not overly oily and leaves a slight flavour of burnt chocolate raisin on the palate.

The three casks used in this malt really give it tremendous character. The addition of the sherry cask and the ex bourbon cask on top of the refill barrel produce fruity and vanilla flavours consecutively and there is a lovely complexity of flavour from the woods. Of course you are dealing with a quality spirit to begin with and that really shines through.

There is no age statement with this bottling but there are characteristics of a mature spirit being used but the majority probably sits at around the 10 year mark I would have thought.

Definitely a rewarding dram and I would recommend it if you already like the Singleton 12 year.


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