Arran 10

Hailing from Arran’s only distillery comes this beautiful island single malt. Bottled after 10 years and at a punchy 46% alcohol volume this non chill filtered and natural colour, sweet malty spirit is a real treat and an island whisky classic.

The Isle of Arran distillery is the only distillery on the island; an island measuring an area of 19 miles by 10 miles and having a population of around 5000 residents. Located in Lochranza on the Isle, the distillery is one of Arran’s most popular tourist attractions.

The distillery opened in 1995 and has been a successfully independent distillery since its launch.

This expression from the Arran range is a lovely entry level whisky. A vibrant and complex body with a lovely colour and nose.

Toasted straw with a warm citrusy hue, the colour is lovely and inviting. The natural colour is pure and doesn’t suggest over use of caramel neither a bland colourless spirit either; a straight talking, interesting malt to look at.

Citrus notes and spots of vanilla and toffee are prevalent on the nose. Warming whiffs of salted caramel and soft orchard fruits linger.

On the palate this whisky is exciting and lively, citrus flavours are the initial party starter which then move into spicier, treacle flavours. Brown sugar, vanilla custard and a hint of pepper stream into the palate.

The finish is smooth and the higher than average alcohol percentage is not overpowering; the spirit is not the character of the malt but the flavours are easily distinguishable. Treacle shortbread flavours last in the mouth for a lovely long finish.

This malt is a lovely, interesting island malt. Some hinting towards being similar to a Benromach? Can I say that!? It’s deliciously flavourful and complex and is a very drinkable dram. At the foot of the Arran range this malt is an exciting entre into the island’s malts. At around £35 a bottle from most whisky retailers this is a must try, especially if you like the lighter, fruitier whiskies with a hint of dark spice.

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