The Benromach 10

It’s quite difficult to determine what is a true Speyside whisky. This subregion of the Highland whisky production area is a great source of good quality and complex, vibrant whisky. In fact, most of Scotland’s whisky distilleries fall into the Speyside region. One whisky which really captures the spirit of the region is the Benromach; it can be considered a true Speyside.

The Benromach distillery in Forres, Morayshire delves deep into the roots of a traditional speyside whisky. With the addition of peat smoke into the barley and a variety of cask finishes in their whiskies, this distillery means business to create a reimagined classic speyside whisky.

The Benromach 10 year old is a great edition from the Speyside distillery’s range. It’s competitively priced and it tastes much older than it is; probably down to the complexity, smoothness and balance of flavours within. Benromach state that their spirit is perfect for long maturation but I think that it is a perfectly good young whisky, 10 years old being a lovely age to bottle but could easily be enjoyed as a much younger malt.

The nose of this whisky is lovely and malty, sweet honey aromas with a hint of that smoke coming through. Delicate whiffs of forest fruit gateau are also noticeable with a distinct creamy scent.

The flavours on the palate are utterly gorgeous, with fruit cake and a suggestion of battenburg; a whisper of that peat smoke in the background. If flavours could be seen it would look like an afternoon tea party with fruit cake, battenburg and sherry in a hay meadow (the hay may be slightly on fire(smokiness)).

The finish of this malt is delightfully smooth and long, hints of pepper scatter on the tongue with a lasting subtle taste of citrus and honey.

If you’re looking for a classic speyside flavour in your whisky then I can highly recommend the Benromach. It’s fruity, rich, full of flavour and brilliantly smooth. Oh and it’s all handcrafted and made with Scottish barley; bonus.


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