Auch, No Bad

The Auchentoshan American Oak is just one of those drams that seems to taste a lot better than should be possible for a whisky below £50. What makes Auchentoshan so special is perhaps the fact that they adopt a slightly differing view to distilling their spirit; a triple distilled scotch.

Whilst common amongst Irish and American whiskeys, the triple distillation of scotch is almost unheard of up until recent days. The Auchentoshan make triple distillation their benchmark however, and due to this third round of spirit honing they are able to produce a charmingly smooth dram that doesn’t take as long to mature to get those aged results.

The American Oak is the entry level single malt that the distillery produces and can often be found in supermarkets at around £20-£25. Due to the smoothness and delicate, yet complex, flavours, this whisky is ideal for a regular dram and will more than suffice for the seasoned whisky drinker and the novice alike.

The nose of this whisky is quite buttery and smells a wee bit like sticky toffee pudding. The spirit catches your nose if inhaled deeply, a tell tale sign of perhaps a younger malt; plenty there though, with hints of citrus getting a say in the scents.

The flavour is rich and spicy with clear hints of citrus and a slight peppery edge. Slightly bitter coffee notes are suggested with a hint of dark chilli chocolate. Vanilla cupcake with a fruity glaze seems to protrude through the flavours. There is a lot going on in this whisky, with every sip you get another layer of flavour. The last thing you pick up is a butterscotch flavour or perhaps a spiced banana loaf.

The finish is quite short it has to be said but it is smooth and there is a residual oiliness left in the mouth that is not unpleasant.

Just go buy this whisky, you won’t be disappointed.


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