Down to Deanston

Deanston distillery in the southern region of the Highland range of whisky production is quite a unique distillery. It prides itself on its hand crafted spirit and locally sourced ingredients that go into producing a delicate, honeyed and fruity malt.

The Deanston virgin oak whisky is the main player in Deanston’s malt range that provides a gorgeous array of fruity aromas and flavours. This edition has a light golden straw colour that errs towards the shade of a quality apple juice.

Apple orchards, apricots and vanilla make a gorgeous aroma on the nose. Filling this out there is a malty oaky aroma that spreads out the initial acidic green apple smell.

The apple flavours on the palate are encompassed with a spicy warmness as though the apple has been stewed with cinnamon and enveloped in a vanilla crumble. Those lovely oak aromas linger on the palate and a sweet maltiness draws through to the finish. 

On the finish those apple flavours linger and then contrast into a more citrus style flavour. A hint of ginger and delicate spices smooth out the finish which is long and warming; the colour doesn’t match the richness of this whisky, I’d expect a slightly darker malt.

A natural colour, un-chill filtered whisky that has a lot of complex flavours going on and makes sparkling taste notes on the tongue. Hugely enjoyable, a malt that sits towards the citrusy, light, honeyed area of the whisky spectrum.

This whisky sits around the middle of our £100 budget at around £45. Lots of flavours for not a huge sum, this whisky is a lovely and unique addition to a collection.


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