Whisky Aldi Long

Glen Marnoch is Aldi’s limited release editions of single malt scotch whisky. Whilst this is not the name of a distillery,  or even a Glen for that matter, it does brand a new line of affordable single malt scotch whiskies from across different whisky making areas in Scotland. 

This year the Speyside single malt Glen Marnoch was awarded gold in international whisky awards and sparked somewhat of a revolution in the scotch whisky production industry. Quality single malt didn’t have to cost the earth, in fact, it cost about the same as a cheap blend. For the steal price of <£18 you can purchase a bottle of Highland, Speyside or Islay single malt whisky in the Glen Marnoch range.

Here we will have a taste of the Glen Marnoch Islay Limited Release. 

Whilst the origin distillery of the whisky is secret, this Islay is very typical of a classic Islay; peated, sweet, salty, smokey gold.

The colour of this Islay is quite light, with an orange liqueur vibe through it. Think old style incandescent light bulb and that glow is what you get from this whisky. 

On the nose there is a smooth whiff of the peat that doesn’t overpower but makes its presence known by letting off a smokey sweetness. Quite a gentle spirit on the nose and doesn’t feel like it’s prickling.

The palate is smooth and smokey. Quite a charred fruity sweetness like grilled caramelised pears. Layers of spice, brandy snaps, candied peel and a wisp of peat ash. A delicate but forthright malt that has laps of flavour.

The finish is a little sharp to begin with but mellows out and leaves a light smokey citrus flavour; think christingle that’s caught on fire and that would perfectly describe the finish (maybe not a pretty picture but the flavour is spot on). 

Well, this whisky certainly does more than what it says on the tin (bottle). A malt that has a lot of flavour and very character specific flavours to a typical Islay (my hunch is that this is from Caol Ila distillery but you’d just have to taste it find out, your guess is as good as mine). For the price this is definitely a dram worth every penny. Rich, smokey peat flavours with a sweet citrus finish, this is a whisky that deserves going in anyone’s collection. 

Fair to say supermarket malts can stand up to some of the most prolific distillery releases, if bottled right; Aldi’s Glen Marnoch have hit the nail on the head with this one. 

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