Whisky Winner 

Grabbing the lovely Bowmore No. 1 in time for Christmas is @whiskeynut from westmeathwhiskeyworld.wordpress.com

Here is the winning comment that beautifully presents your favourite single malt whiskey (its not scotch, but superbly well said and a whiskey that surely has made its mark):

“Trying to pick out a favourite bottle from the myriad of marvelous malts that have been released this year is no easy task.I’ve gone for one that breaks the barriers.. This expression breaks the barriers of accessibility. Specialist spirit shops nor niche internet sites are shunned in favour of the High Street and shopping centres. This expression broke the barrier of affordability. Such aged bottles normally attract a triple digit price tag. Not so this cheeky little number. This expression broke the barriers of boundaries. From Aberdeen to Aberystwyth, Belfast to Ballincollig, eager fans lit up the internet with their tales of trials and tribulations in obtaining a bottle. From distillery owners to everyday shoppers this bottle quickly became a must have item. It was from a country many had not yet sampled as it had been absent from that particular marketplace before. And then the reviews came in; ‘Fabulous fruit, dry oaky tannins,deep spices, complex and long lasting’ The whiskey sensation of the year for me has to be……. Aldi 26yo Irish Reserve. Quality malt for the masses. Or at least those that were lucky enough to bag one!”

Well done sir. I will be in touch shortly with details to get your prize!

A huge thank you to all of you who entered, I’ve heard some very good recommendations and it was tough deciding upon a winner! Thank you! 


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