Onto Arran

The Isle of Arran distillery has released some lovely single malts and some that spark a lot of interest are the range of peated malts, Machrie Moor.

These limited bottlings provide some interesting characteristics, nothing that I can compare to anything else. The edition that I have is the third edition, one of 9000 bottles that are at cask strength; this one released in 2016 is at a healthy 58.5%.

This bottle can be bought for just under £50 so is a reasonably priced whisky that sits at the half way point in our £100 limit. It is one which is quite unique and makes for in interesting tasting experience. 

The colour is a very light, wispy wheat colour. Very similar to a French dessert wine, but with a lovely light creme brulee hue.

On the nose this is a very sweet, smoky peat aroma with background notes of orange and grapefruit. Quite a tart,  peppery scent gets the nose and the cask strength spirit content makes for a whiff of alcohol that tingles the nasal cavity.

The aromas of peppery peatiness move into the palate and a smoky rich oakyness makes its appearance. The earlier citrus aromas continue to linger on the palate and an oiliness moves into the finish. 

A peach parfait and charred lemon tart leave a lasting flavour on the tongue. The finish is a little sharp but lots of flavour lingers with notes of malt dotted in at the end. 

This is a pleasant dram but if I’m honest it is a whisky that needed to have been allowed to mature for a little longer. It’s a sweet and smoky citrus whisky that packs a punch of flavour that I think would best be enjoyed as an aperitif rather than a digestif. Altogether it’s a very complex dram that has intense flavour ballast but lacks the darker, fruity flavours that I personally like in a whisky; I would recommend it if you like peaty citrus malts or fancy something a wee bit different. 

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