A 32 Year Old Cheat

This review is quite a special one and not of a whisky I would take a dram of too often. I have been told that this Aberfeldy 32 year retails at around the £500 price point; maybe a Christmas present for the next 10 years? Nevertheless the Scotsman in me couldn’t pass up a free dram and so I will give it its due deserve and walk through the flavours with you.

The colour is a beautiful golden straw colour that reminds me of freshly harvested bales. A lovely honey gleam makes this whisky enticing; surprisingly though, the colour doesn’t suggest a whisky of this age and isn’t world’s apart from the 12 year old Aberfeldy.

The nose is an intense honeyed flavour much to the same richness as a mead. The charred oak is subtle and delicate retaining the character of an Aberfeldy being a light honeyed malt. This aged whisky has a deeper and richer nose compared to that of its younger sibling. Suggestions of orange peel and vanilla flower surround the honeyed flavour.

On the palate this whisky is bursting with rich honey and heather notes. Floral and sweet it is very pleasant and makes me think of walking past gorse bushes on summer days.

A warming marmalade and honey on toast flavour carries through to the finish which is long, smooth and warming.

A fantastic whisky that can be appreciated as the old gentleman it is. All of the characteristics of an Aberfeldy but with those flavours all matured and intensified into a close knit array of taste.

If you ever get the chance to try it at the Dewar’s distillery in Aberfeldy, it is only a £7.50 upgrade from the standard tour and you get to keep the tasting glass; totally justifiable.

Moran taing

Just a reminder to let you know you’ve got just over a week to tell me about your favourite whisky, and why, and you could win a free single malt whisky in time for Christmas. Details on an  earlier blog post titled “Write for your Whisky”. 

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