Sherry Oh Baby

The GlenDronach 12 year old with a sherry finish is a well reviewed whisky from the Highland region that has been dubbed for being a whisky that is “punching” above its price point. The distillery itself has only recently been producing whisky again after a short stint of 6 years in a period of lay off.

The sherry finish of this whisky gives the malt a distinguished taste and colour. It is also a very well priced single malt at around the £35 mark. This particular edition sits at the cheaper end of the GlenDronach range with others including: peated, port finish, eight year and eighteen year old variations.

This whisky has a complex nose of caramelised, dark fruits and, contrastingly, a scent of orange and lemon zest with spices. A background aroma of raisins suggests the history of the sherry cask.

On the palate it is quite sweet with those toffee, caramel flavours sitting on the tongue. There is a slight acidity, almost like green apples, that presents itself after a few sips that again is encompassed with spiced sultanas.

The finish is long and smooth and it’s here that the sherry cask makes its final appearance; vanilla, charred wood and dark aged fruit cake lingers on the tongue.

Altogether not a bad whisky, I think it is perhaps slightly overrated though as it isn’t as complex as others in the same price range and I think the sherry finish is what adds the most depth. There is some character noticeable though and the areas of flavour are pleasant with distinguishable layers. A whisky that I would recommend if fruity, spicy sweetness is what you’re looking for in a dram.

Slainte mhath 

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