Don’t Huff at MacDuff

Glen Deveron is a rich and complex single malt from Macduff distillery. It is typically bottled at 10 years old and is a whisky that has a lot of character, which really is no surprise from the Highland distillery.

This is a whisky that is at the forefront of Macduff production and is a very reasonably priced malt at around £30 online and offers a lot of taste for the money.

So what does it look like?

Well it’s very easy on the eye with a light toffee colour that hints towards mulled cider and is a little oily when swirled around a tasting glass. Looks promising. 

The nose is strong with whiffs of crisp apple, vanilla and a little spiciness. The longer you spend smelling this the more layers open up. Toffee apples would sum this up nicely. 

Apple crumble is the immediate flavour to break through onto the palate which moves into spiced fruits and a wee bit of damson jam. Notes of honeycomb and chocolate lace the finish with hints of sweet oak. The finish is a little short with the flavours dissipating fairly quickly but not unexciting when sipped.This is a really lovely whisky that, for the modest price, is very complex and compares to whiskies much older. A smooth silky drink with a pinch of spiciness, this Glen Deveron should be on your Christmas list. Best enjoyed by a wood burning stove.


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