Start in Speyside

Glen Moray Distillery is situated in Elgin on the Moray Coast and produces a classic delicate Speyside malt.

The Glen Moray classic which is reviewed here is one of the most reasonably priced whiskies, you’ll find it at around the £20 mark from a well-known blue and red themed supermarket, and is a great place to start with single malts. I am a strong believer that every whisky collection should have a Glen Moray; inexpensive and far from offensive.

Glen Moray Classic is a malt which is very well balanced but maybe doesn’t have huge depth of character; this may have its appeal to some.

On the eye it has a golden straw colour (the port cask finish, which only adds a few pounds to the budget, has a more amber hue; may review that later) with shades of a light honey and is very typical colouration of a Speyside malt.

On the nose there are hints of vanilla and some floral notes, digestive biscuits and almond with a wee background aroma of ripe citrus.

On the palette you’ll get more of that vanilla (typical bourbon cask making its presence known) and soft fruits are added to the mix, some spiciness with hints of cinnamon bark engages the tongue.

Finish is quite short and is perhaps not the smoothest with a little sharpness, though that is to be expected from what is probably a fairly young malt (Glen Moray usually bottles after 7 years). Lingering aromas of the citrus stay on the tongue which is not unpleasant.GlenMoray

Overall the Glen Moray is well rounded, not hugely complex but for the price tag is a great addition to any whisky collection. Very easy to drink, a pleasant dram and is a very generic delicate Speyside.

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