First Cask Release

Greetings, thank you for calling in to partake in some wee dram craic.

It has been drawn to my attention that the finest spirit known to man has been coined by the social elite (those who are comfortable in moleskin trousers and velvet jackets) and folks with lots of dough. Single Malt Whisky for the longest time has been a drink of distinction, and rightly so, but that shouldn’t mean it should be inaccessible to the regular Jock working a back shift.

This collection of writings is going to compile a reference of great Scottish single malt whiskies that are affordably priced (<£100ish). All the whiskies you find discussed here will be thoroughbred Scottish Single Malts and will be supported with where you can source them for a reasonable sum of the monies.

I hope to have a new whisky reviewed every week, obviously a full bottle a week is totally unrealistic, so I may dip into friends’ single malt collections. The prospect of sampling a wider variety of malts is exciting.

I am a student of adventure tourism management in my third year and over the past few years I have discovered a passion for fine single malt whiskies but obviously the price tag is the most significant hesitancy. Let’s explore the achievable world of whisky together.

Slàinte mhath


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